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19th-Nov-2010 05:17 pm - Doujinshi scans
fun, Simon/Nia
I bring doujinshi scans.

[Otoshimono Chuuihou] by strongests

[Spiral Lovers] by AuroraVision

These are both small, short doujin, and neither one is translated or scanlated, but if anyone wants to take a shot at doing a scanlation, they're welcome to.
1st-Oct-2010 02:04 am - Simon/Nia doujinshi scans
I may be a few hours late for the anniversary, but I still have a lovely Simon/Nia doujinshi to share. The scans aren't exactly perfect, but I tried my best!

I hope you'll all enjoy. ♥

Title: The Nearness of You
Pages: 41
Rating: K+

Downloads behind the cutCollapse )
30th-Sep-2010 06:34 am - Happy 3rd Anniversary!
Today marks the third year since the last episode of Gurren Lagann first aired. In other words, this is Simon & Nia's third wedding anniversary! \o/

To celebrate, I scanned and translated a Simon/Nia doujinshi. Enjoy~!

Download & translation beneath cutCollapse )
If you remember, a little while back when Akemi Hayashi did a top image for Gainax, she hinted at continuing The Sense of Wonder.

Well it looks like it could happen.Collapse )
19th-Mar-2010 02:37 am - Simon/ Nia group now on DA!

Membership is open to all users on Deviantart! You're allowed to start submitting work as soon as you join.
I just made this group tonight so if you come across any troubles let me know!
Here's a little fanart that I've been working on for the past three nights of Simon and Nia! Hopefully you guys will enjoy it aha.

Image under the cut, y'all.Collapse )

View on deviantART over @here to read my comments on the picture and more!
6th-Mar-2010 06:04 am - Possible Simon/Nia AU video?
As reported over here, the participating members of the Parallel Works 2 project has been announced. Of note is the description for Akemi Hayashi's video:

"Nia and Simon's story set to a new song with vocals"

FYI, Akemi Hayashi is the animator who drew these: Pic 1, Pic 2

23rd-Feb-2010 11:59 am - [fanfic] The Moon Is Made of Honey
fun, Simon/Nia
I've been planning to write this one for a long time now, and I know I've seen people on the kinkmeme and elsewhere ask for something like it. So, the time Simon and Nia spent together before the wedding, now in fanfic form! With porn.

Title: The Moon Is Made of Honey
Pairing: Simon/Nia
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 5,478
Notes: Written to take place in series canon, but informed by a mix of series canon, novel canon, movie canon, and my own headcanon.
Summary: In the week after the final battle, Simon and Nia have a little time to spend with each other. This is what Nia saw and felt during that time; these are the choices she made.

( It was not the busiest week that Simon had ever had, but perhaps it was the busiest week the two of them had ever had together. )
15th-Feb-2010 01:17 am - Happy Valentine's Day!
Today I finally finished an artwork I've been working on for the longest time, and just in time for Valentine's day! Thought I might leave it here, I hope you all enjoy. (:

Full image here!Collapse )
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